Soundtrack Januari -09

Lyssna på spotify

Green Spandex - Xavier Rudd *
Messages - Xavier Rudd
Self Esteem - Veronica Maggio *
Tomorrow Is Such a Long Time - Nickel Creek *
Song Beneath the Song - Maria Taylor
Ramblin' On My Mind - Lucinda Williams
Naive (Kooks cover) - Lily Allen
Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
Dickhead - Kate Nash   
Where To Start - Elin Ruth Sigvardsson
Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife - Drive-By Truckers *
Baby did a bad bad thing - Chris Isaak
Aretha, Sing One For Me - Cat Power
New York - Cat Power   
Someday - Brett Dennen *
So Long Sweet Misery - Brett Dennen *
Because You Are A Woman - Brett Dennen *   
Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen *
Make the Most - Brett Dennen *
You Dont Know Me (Radio Edit) - Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor
Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South
A Little Time - The Beautiful South
Round Table Conference - Ane Brun
Raise My Head - Ane Brun
The Treehouse Song - Ane Brun
(* finns inte på spotify)


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