Soundtrack Juli -07

Waters of March - Holly Cole

Self Esteem - Veronica Maggio

Word Up - Willis

Supply and Demand - Amos Lee

Everybody's changing (Live) - Lily Allen

Slipping Away - The Rolling Stones

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

Square One - Tom Petty

Time of Your Life - Green Day

Multiply - Jamie Lidell

You and I Both - Jason Mraz

Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez

Saturdays - Nelly Furtado

Little Baby - The Rolling Stones

Take you high - Willis

The Spider And The Fly - The Rolling Stones

Bam Bam - Sister Nancy

What Is It This Time - Jamie Lidell

Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs



En sån här "mainstream-blandning" blir det när man jobbar i butik..


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