Soundtrack Augusti -07

9-5 - Willis

Smile - Jamie Scott

Half Past Six - Kenny Karlsson

Tomorrow Is Such a Long Time - Nickel Creek

Self Esteem - Veronica Maggio

Umbrella - Scott Simons

Waters of March - Holly Cole

When Will I See Your Face Again - Jamie Scott

Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs

Shout Out Loud - Amos Lee

From Here (Live at Tin Angel) - Jenny Owen Youngs

On The Radio - Regina Spektor

Take you high - Willis

Me & Mr Jones - Amy Winehouse

Better Version Of Me - Fiona Apple

Night Train - Amos Lee

Burning Down The House - Bonnie Raitt

This House Is On Fire - Natalie Merchant

Rubber Ring - The Smiths

20.000 seconds - K's Choice

Family Affair - Abra Moore

Postat av: Lia Florenz

hej, vad tycker du om busstrafiken? :D

2008-02-28 @ 21:18:48

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