Soundtrack Mars -09

Lyssna på spotify
Monkey Back - Beth Hart
Set Free - Katie Gray *
Get Your Shit Together - Beth Hart *
The Treehouse Song - Ane Brun
By Her - Beth Hart *
A Little Time - The Beautiful South
Wild Horses - Beth Hart *
Delicious Surprise - Beth Hart *
Where To Start - Elin Ruth Sigvardsson
For what it's worth - Buffalo Springfield
Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
Je n'aime que toi - Ludivine Sagnier Louis Garrel Clothilde Hesme
Just A Little Hole - Beth Hart *
L. A. Song (Out Of This Town) - Beth Hart *
Skin (acoustic) - Beth Hart *
With or Without You - Sungha Jung *
Lullaby for Grown-Ups - Ane Brun
Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs
Your Song - Sungha Jung *
Raise My Head - Ane Brun
Self Esteem - Veronica Maggio *
Because You Are A Woman - Brett Dennen *
Mouthwash - Kate Nash
Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South   
Bottle Of Jesus - Beth Hart

(* finns inte på spotify)

Trist att det finns så lite av Beth Hart på spotify. Bara två album tyvärr, det bästa hon har gjort saknas.. 


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